Django Reinhardt (1910 – 1953), Legendary guitarist, who influenced my making, was not only famous from creating this new genre of music, Gypsy jazz, during the second world war but as well for his virtuosity of playing complex phrases with only two fingers, his left hand suffered from a fire accident and paralyzed his pinky and the ring finger.


Despite the injury he carried on playing on a particular acoustic Guitar.


Those guitars were design, by Mario Maccaferri, as steel string guitars to compete against American guitars.

But the guitars were fully absorbed by Django's Legacy.


So here's my tribute to him, the music and this instrument with my own interpretation. 


-Soundboard    :    Alpine Spruce From Jura, France

-Back and Side:          Laminated Mahogany

                                from reclaimed furniture

-Neck               :                Mahogany

-Fingerboard    :                Cocobolo

- Bridge            :               Rosewood

-Bindings          :        Mahogany and Maple


Finish               :            French Polish


Scale Length      :                670 mm




Oil finish (matte finish)

French Polish (High Gloss)