To know before booking.

     Private tuition one or two persons at a time.


This workshop allows you to build your guitar, ukulele (many other musical instrument).


  "Flexible" bookings system per hour from Monday to Sunday.


From 10am to 8pm


Perfect to fit any schedule.


Total amount of time spent for making an :

  • Acoustic Guitar         -   around    200 hours 
  • Ukulele or Mandolin   -  around    150 Hours
  • Acoustic Bass           -  around     250 hours
  • Electric Guitar          -   around    150 hours
  • Other Projects          -   will depend on complexity, the size...


  Bookings :

  • Minimum of 10 hours, or more, are paid in advance, from Monday to Friday 10am until 8pm.

 For consistent progress a minimum of 3 consecutive hours session is recommended.




How much does that cost ?


Full tuition includes unlimited teaching hours, registration fee, cost of raw materials, flexible weekly bookings. 

(includes bookings on Saturday and Sunday too).




Acoustic Guitar - 5000€ 

Divided in 3 instalments


Electric Guitar - 3000 €

 Divided in 2 instalments


Ukulele - 2000 €



 What about the materials ?


Accesories and materials are provided by the Guitar maker.

High quality grades timber tropical, exotic (CITES paper included), local (from Berlin), reclaimed.



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Please Contact :   or   Phone :  0049 1590 4694 187





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