Features & Specificities.

Bolted-on Neck


I choose that option for the guitars I built.


Bolted-on necks offer several advantages for guitar players :


Stability - The neck and body of the guitar are securely attached, reducing the risk of warping or shifting over time.


Easy maintenance - In case of any neck-related issues, a bolted-on neck can be quickly and easily removed for repair or replacement.


Customizability - Bolted-on necks can be switched out for different styles or materials, allowing players to experiment with different tonal qualities and aesthetic options.


Consistent playability - As the neck is a separate piece from the body, it can be precisely adjusted for optimal playability and comfort, ensuring a consistent experience for the player.


Ease of production - Bolted-on necks are easier and quicker to produce than set-in or neck-through designs, making them a popular option for guitar manufacturers.


Overall, bolted-on necks offer a combination of stability, versatility, and ease of use that makes them a popular choice among guitar players of all levels.

Materials :


Soundboard: spruce

Back and sides: wenge

Neck: mahogany

Fretboard: wenge

Bridge: wenge

Scale: 650mm

Neck width at saddle: 45mm

Tuners: Schaller Grand Tune