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Guitar Making Workshop

What is it about, where and how much does that cost ...!?



What Is it about ?



Workshop in Berlin, DE let you build your own guitar, ukulele, mandolin, bass, you name it ! 

Welcome to the Artisan's world of woodworking. Experience the whole process of making your guitar.


From designing full plan to choosing raw materials (wood), planing, measuring, chiseling, sawing, sanding, polishing and many others handwork.


Build a guitar (or different Instrument) under trained and close supervision in a fully equipped workshop.  

No skills or woodworking abilities are required for the course !  


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Not interested but you wish to have your instrument to be made , please click to get a quote. 

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Where ? 




Location :  Liebermannstr. 87-93, 13088, Weissensee Berlin.